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  • Applicable scope:

    Green tea,black tea,tea,Pu'er tea,formula tea,Babao tea,health tea,Chinese medicine Pieces,and so on.

    Performance characteristics:

    1.Through the ultrasonic sealing and cutting,to produce a beautiful bag and sealed three-dimensional three dimensional tea bag

    2.Automatic quantitative measurement can easily change the illing process in the production process

    3.Using Siemens PLC control,touch screen operation,more stable performance,the operation is more simple,more humane

    4.SMC pneumatic components,Schneider electrical components,to extend the service life of the machine

    5.The use of mechanical and electrical integration design,replacement data without stopping 1shut down

    6.Packing capacity: 3000-4200 bag / hour

    7.With a tape with a label material can be produced with a hanging tea bag

    8.Triangular conical bag and four corners flat bag production process only one key switch

    1510305601255683.jpg  1510305601826738.jpg  1510305601510586.jpg

    Main technical parameter:

    Measurement method
    Six-head tea quantitative scale
    Packaging speed
    1- 10g
    Measurement accuracy
    The numberofunwinding
    Particle content
    ≤2±0.5g/bag (Other specifications can be customized)
    Bag paper requirements
    Ultrasonic sealing materials such as nylon, non-woven fabric, corn fiber
    Roll out diameter
    Wrapthe corediameter of the roll
    Air pressure
    ≥0.6Mpa (Customized units guarantee product air pressure intensity)
    The motor power of the machine
    2.8 Kw(220V)
    Equipment shape
     L 1250*W 800*H 1850(mm)
    Equipment weight