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  • Applicable scope

    Suitable for irregular block and granular materials , such as candy , fruit and vegetable , puffed food , small biscuits , dried fruit , melon seeds , roasted seeds and nuts , dumplings , dumplings and so on.

    Applicable packaging materials

    opp / pe , pet / / pe and other composite materials

    Performance characteristics

    1.Equippedwithsafety protection,in line with corporate safety management requlrements

    2.The use of intelligent temperature controller accurate temperaturecontrol; toensure that the sealing beautiful,smooth.

    3,Using PLC servo system,pneumatic control system,large display touch screen constitute the driving control core; to maximize the control of the machine accuracy,rliabilit and intelligence.

    4.The machine and the measurement configuration can automatically complete the measurement Feeding,filling bag,date printing,inflatable (exhaust),finished product delivery of all packaging process,and automatically complete the count.

    5.Touch screen can store 10 different praducts of the packaging proces parameters,when the product can be used at any time without the need to re-set,

    6.With fault display system failure,help to troubleshoot in a timely manner.

    7.Pouch type diversification,according to customer needs made: pillow-shaped bags,back seal,angle,even bags, such as hanging hole bags.

    8 420 single belt transport film,fast and smooth,small friction,less loss.

    9.Can have all stainless steel models and carbon steel spray model.

    Optional packaging aids

    1 . with packets or multi - pack with short packet cut off function ;

    2 . play hook hole function can play round hole , butterfly hole and other irregular holes ;

    3 . supporting the material conveyor

    4 . a variety of automatic or semi - automatic metering conveyor

    5 . inflatable or exhaust function

    6 . compressed air system and nitrogen generator .

    1510630217103761.jpg     1510630222436646.jpg


    machine type
    Bag size

    Length: 80-300mm

    Width: 80-200mm

    Length: 100-350mm

    Width: 100-250mm

    Packaging speed
    Power andpower
    200V 50-60Hz 3.0Kw
    380/200V 50-60Hz 3.6Kw
    Compressed air usage
    Total Weight